1. John Robic will call his shot to left field and Willie Cauley-Stein will not know who Babe Ruth is.
  2. The entire gym will scream “SWING IT” when Sam Malone picks up a bat
  3. Nerlens limps to the plate and hits a HR to deep right field off Brian Long, who is dressed as Dennis Eckersley.
  4. Archie Goodwin charges the mound
  5. John Calipari buys the entire team ice cream…not poop
  6. Anthony Davis makes a guest appearance and takes the 5th most swings
  7. Twany will Instagram a photo of pretty much the entire game
  8. Bob Knight unsuccessfully attempts to explain the “Ghost Man” rule for 6 hours
  9. Willie Cauley-Stein makes a great catch because he used to play football in high school when he was a wide receiver in high school playing football. 
  10. Mark Emmert determines that the game is in violation of the NCAA practice time limit and spokesman from DUKE denies the game ever took place